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Triadyme-C’s patented Tri-Lobe design provides a mobile axis of rotation that mimics natural kinematic motion and has a self-centering capability, unlike the ball-and-socket design of best-selling devices.


Our total disc replacement solves the industry’s two greatest challenges: It is unparalleled in minimizing wear debris, and adept at emulating natural spinal motion.

Triadyme-cDymicron’s Triadyme-C™ cervical total disc replacement (cTDR) device represents a major development for patients who suffer from degenerative disc disease and the medical professionals who care for them. Its unique material composition gives superior structural integrity and wear resistance, while its exclusive design provides proper, natural biomechanics.

Extreme durability and smoothness

The device is made from Orthopedic Diamond™, Dymicron’s proprietary patented grade of polycrystalline diamond, one of the hardest and longest-lasting substances known to man. With extreme durability and a low coefficient of friction, Triadyme-C resists the structural breakdown that can limit the service life of other orthopedic devices and release dangerous wear debris into the body.

The advanced material composition of Dymicron’s Triadyme-C makes for a device that should outlast the patient’s lifetime while virtually eliminating wear debris.

In addition to offering a durable wear surface that nearly eliminates the chance the implant will wear out, the Orthopedic Diamond material doesn’t impede CT or MRI visualizations of key structures.

An innovative design that mimics nature

Triadyme-C also features Dymicron’s proprietary Tri-Lobe articulation mechanism, which seats three spherical lobes within three non-congruent, spherical pockets. The motion of the three lobes within their corresponding pockets generates a smooth and gentle centering force that emulates the naturally constrained motion of the spine.

This natural motion in a longwearing device, which mimics the original disc to protect surrounding nerves and joints, should substantially reduce the need for subsequent fusions.

The new orthopedic implant leader

With its natural motion design and Orthopedic Diamond composition, the Triadyme-C is poised to make a significant impact on the cervical disc replacement market, positioning Dymicron to become the new market leader in next-generation orthopedic implant devices.


Each end plate has two keels to provide immediate fixation, plus a titanium plasma spray that promotes bone in-growth for long-term stability.

Designed to treat single-level cervical disc disease using an anterior approach, Triadyme-C is available in multiple footprints to accommodate patient anatomy:

6mm Small Short     (CS-6A)
14.5mm x 13mm
7mm Small Short      (CS-7A)
14.5mm x 15mm


6mm Small Long      (CS-6B)
14.5mm x 13mm
7mm Small Long     (CS-7B)
14.5mm x 15mm


6mm Large Short     (CS-6C)
16.5mm x 13.5mm
7mm Large Short    (CS-7C)
16.5mm x 13.5mm


6mm Large Long      (CS-6D)
16.5mm x 15.5mm
7mm Large Long     (CS-7D)
16.5mm x 15.5mm