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Dymicron is an innovation-driven medical technology company that is advancing a new generation of musculoskeletal devices made from Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD)—one of the strongest substances known to man, and a material for which Dymicron has exclusive patented use in all human interbody applications.

Polycrystalline Diamond, the proprietary grade of PCD the company employs for its devices, boasts superior durability and wear characteristics in addition to proven biocompatibility. These attributes, combined with design advances that deliver significant kinematic and natural motion advantages, powerfully differentiate Dymicron’s devices from other offerings in the musculoskeletal implant market.

Founded in 1997, Dymicron consists of dedicated medical device, material science, clinical, and business professionals with the experience and the manufacturing capabilities to successfully commercialize thisgame-changing technology. The company’s first product is Triadyme®-C, a cervical total disc replacement (cTDR) device intended to enhance disc replacement surgery outcomes. With its CE mark for Triadyme-C in hand, the company plans to follow its International market introduction with PMA approval and sales in the United States. As Dymicron introduces next-generation devices for other applications in coming years, all of which will utilize the same advanced proprietary material, it expects to emerge as one of the world’s leading orthopedic implant device companies.


Bill J. PopeBILL J. POPE, PhD.


A professor of Chemical Engineering at Brigham Young University, as well as the founder of several successful synthetic diamond companies, Dr. Pope founded Dymicron in 1997. Late in his career, he became aware of the limitations of materials commonly used for orthopedic joint replacement, and the debilitation that faced patients with failed implants, leading him to the idea of using synthetic diamond in orthopedic applications.